F1 – Smart Floating Wind Monitoring

VYND’s Smart Floating Wind Monitoring – a dedicated real-time floating wind turbine monitoring system which takes the unique requirements of the technology into account.


  • Digital twin based monitoring system
  • Real-time load monitoring with minimum uncertainty
  • Methodology has been verified in wave-tank tests
  • Compatible with all floater designs

Use cases and value proposition

Floating wind turbines are rapidly developing to become a mature offshore wind technology. To ensure a close monitoring VYND predicts and monitors the system’s and its components’ lifetime through a model-based approach. Augmented with condition monitoring an overall state of the floating wind asset is given. This ensures a low risk operation, helps wind farm operators to schedule maintenance activities in time, and gives a clear estimation of the asset’s lifetime.

The F1 is a fully customizable, easy-to-use interface to enable a floating wind monitoring system. It directly integrates a lidar system and make use of the independent wind measurement in front of the wind turbine. The operator can customize the monitoring with the available sensor setup of the floating wind turbine.

Key added values

  • Monitoring of floating wind turbine operation
  • Continuous estimation of the life-time

Key features

  • Customizable sensor setup including lidar systems
  • Digital twin based monitoring
  • Live monitoring of operation performance and health of the floating wind turbine