VYND - A new way of integrating Wind Lidar and Sensors into your system

VYND's Smart Floating Wind Monitoring System

VYND’s smart solution offers a combination of analyses, real-time asset insights, and controllability. With its capabilities it enables a commercial scale of floating wind turbines and supports asset owners in operation and maintenance.
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Lidar-assisted Control Solution

VYND’s lidar-assisted control products reduce fatigue and extreme loads and increases lifetime of wind turbines. 

  • The retrofit solution improves performance together with a control upgrade. 
  • Wind turbine OEM can use the system to integrate directly in their controller. 
  • Wind turbines equipped with VYND products benefit from advanced wind preview and proven methodologies.

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Complete Lidar Solutions for the Wind Industry

VYND is offering complete lidar integration hardware to fully exploit wind lidars. With proven methodologies from our partner sowento, a leading engineering consultancy in wind lidar application, a maximum of information is obtained from the lidar measurements. 
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